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We offer a 1/2 hour, one-on-one session for $60.  We encourage you to bring your whole family so everyone is on the same page and knows what needs to be done once you get home.  We are able to accommodate your schedule and have afternoon openings during the week and weekend mornings.

We start training puppies as young as 10-12 weeks.  We start them on live pigeons, and simple commands, then work on force-fetching.  If you are interested in the monthly training for your pup, we recommend waiting until their baby teeth fall out (around 6 months) as it's easier for them during the force-fetching phase.

Here at DCR, we believe in teaching YOU how to train your dog.  We have several training options to fit your schedule.


We have over 400 acres to use for training and exercise.  We have many different sites, including some with ponds for water work.

Properly trained, a man can be a dogs best friend
-Cory Ford

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