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We have 7-9 litters of puppies each year.  Here are our top breeders and their accomplishments:

The "late" Brody was a 75lb chocolate lab who lived to be 12 yrs old.  In his earlier days, he was one of our primary guide dogs at Wern Valley hunt club for upland birds, and was also a great waterfowl hunter.  He earned his Junior and Senior AKC titles, and has accomplished a lot at the Master level.  Brody was a certified Therapy Dog and an excellent house pet.  We have frozen semen from Brody and therefore are still able to produce litters from him.  Please call/text if you are interested in a pup from him. 

Ellie is a 65lb black lab who is 9 years old.  She is still one of our primary guide dogs at Wern Valley and Milford Hills.  She has earned her AKC Junior title, and is able to do Senior work as well.  She is a certified Therapy Dog and is a great house pet.
In both 2011 and 2012,she took 2nd place in the Flusher Division in the Badgerland Series.

Harley is a 70lb chocolate lab who is 8 yrs old.  She is also one of our guide dogs at Wern Valley  and Milford Hills for upland birds and has done very well with waterfowl as well.  She has had several hundred birds shot over her and retrieved in last couple years.  Harley has had many accomplishments in hunting including:

2010 Puppy Flusher Champion.
2011 1st place in Dog Of The Year, 3rd place as the UFTA Top Gun Flusher, and Champion in the Mixed Doubles Flusher Division of the Badgerland Series.  She has 2 AKC Junior passes, and is able to do Senior and Master work as well. Harley is a sweetheart and a great house dog.

Ripley is a 6 year old yellow lab who is about 65 lbs.  She is a rocket in the field and we use her for guiding and hunting.  She is a flusher, however she will often point when she gets on a bird.  She is a sweet girl with a great temperament.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW RIPLEY'S PEDIGREE

Kimber is the daughter of Harley and Gradys Top Gun in Black MH.  She is a tall girl, and LOVES her birds!  She has great drive in the field and is a calm, loving girl in the house.  She is one of our top guide dogs, and has produced several awesome litters for us. CLICK HERE TO VIEW KIMBER'S PEDIGREE

Finnegan Lakewater Blues (Finn) (owned by Troy Schliepp) has been used to sire several other litters with Duck Creek Retrievers.  He is an excellent hunter and a great house pet. CLICK HERE TO VIEW FINN'S PEDIGREE

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